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Overheard from our friends:

"Thank you so much for the Mr. Blister bath thermometer and information on avoiding burns.  I received it 3 1/2 years ago, and it still helps me immensely.  We just had our second child, and now my toddler helps prepare the infant's bath water with the thermometer card. 

I am much more comfortable bathing her when I know the water temperature is right.  The information you sent on avoiding burns changed my habits - I now turn pot handles in, don't drink scalding liquids, and have educated my toddler to keep a safe distance from the oven and stove. Your work has made us all safer and happier.  Thank you very much!!" 

A. Phillips - Idaho


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                                                                    Tickets - $65.00 per person

                                Hotel reservations: Special 3rd Alarm Auction Hotel Rate - $87.00 

                        (w/late check- out) 1-888-236-2427 - Code ALAALAA or 3rd Alarm Auction

                              Professional Childcare Available (complimentary) - Space is Limited.

                                            Paid Auction RSVP Required for childcare reservation. 

                                                         Please, no toddlers under 12 months old.


                        RSVP to Stephanie McGinnis/206-427-5316/[email protected]




                Looking for an adventurous read or

       great gift for the holidays? 

            10% of the proceeds from sales of the book

                 Ninja Nanny Authored by Natalie Newport will

                       go to the Northwest Burn Foundation!




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Help Taco Bell raise over $100,000 to support the Northwest Burn Foundation Programs and Services and our young burn survivors at  Camp Eyabsut! Donate a Dollar and receive a FREE Crunchy Taco Coupon at your next visit.













  Cosmetic Consultation:  Helping burn survivors minimize the appearance of                                                      scars


  Emergency Housing:       Provide housing to families with loved ones in a

                                                   Harborview Burn Unit


  Prevention Education:    Offering burn prevention information in the

                                                   community and throughout the Northwest

                                                   Click here for seasonal safety tips

Summer Camp:                Week long retreat for burn survivors ages 7 - 17

  Support Groups:              Assist burn survivors and family members through the

                                                   trauma of a burn injury




Working Together to Save Lives


The Northwest Burn Foundation wants to thank the

Washington Fire Chiefs' Association for joining with the Foundation in a partnership to promote burn prevention and improve the quality of life for burn survivors and

their families, through programs, education, and research.

                               Make a difference today, join the fight against burns!

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